Wren started painting at a very early age in her Father‘s studio, but it wasn’t until after training as a chef in Paris, and a career in culinary arts and event management that she took some evening art classes. There was no looking back! She graduated from the Victoria College of Art in 1999 and has been painting full-time in her garden studio ever since.

She is a non-objective painter. In her practice, she is primarily concerned with the actual process of painting. She doesn't plan a piece; instead, she allows the painting to take her in the direction it wants to go. She responds to each mark, trying not to judge its validity. While her work is certainly autobiographical in nature, the symbols are often arcane. Materials of graphite, charcoal, paint and plaster are layered, rubbed away, added back, leaving some marks, obliterating others, and covering some with thin washes of paint, hinting at a deeper meaning. Whether she is working on canvas, paper or on panels laden with plaster, this core practice of layering, removing, and adding back marks and materials is central to all of her work.

Wren lives is Victoria, British Columbia with her daughter. She has shown her work both locally and internationally.

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